Revised: 21 augustus 2008.


LABOTICS BVBA develops technology and equipment for homeopathic production. It is a unique, small and highly specialised company, which was founded in 1984. It is dedicated to the development and production of equipment, apparatus and accessories used in the preparation and manufacture of homeopathic medicines. A highly motivated creativity together with a zealous sense of duty combine to guarantee the continuity of the business. The straightforward LABOTICS logo stands as a symbol of the Company's character.

Jack Hendrickx, business manager and industrial pharmacist, is himself the designer and developer of several original pieces of equipment which have now become accepted standards within the homeopathic industry. The Company's success is in large measure due to his experience in pharmaceutical and homeopathic technology, combined with his competence in automation, electronics and engineering.  

LABOTICS BVBA has as its main customers: large and small industrial manufacturers of homeopathic medicines. But LABOTICS also numbers among its clients many pharmacies who use our products every day (and night) to produce homeopathic prescriptions themselves. We also supply certain distributors of pharmaceuticals (though not agencies) who in turn supply to individual pharmacies.

We have customers spread across 28 countries, using 12 different languages. In order to maximise the efficiency of our service, LABOTICS has opted to use English as its principal working language, but where necessary, we speak Dutch, French and german.
In addition to regular telephone and fax contact with clients, we are now making increasing use of e-mail. We are already working to develop systems through with we will be able to use TCP/IP protocol for remote monitoring and management of the operation of our products. Customers from all parts of the world can thus maintain direct contact with LABOTICS and are guaranteed speedy and efficient service whenever required.


  • Over 24 years continuous production and service
  • In-house service and customer support
  • Sound business structure
  • Ambitious, forward looking Company
  • In-house design, giving a thorough technical knowledge of all products.
  • Reliable and long-lasting products
  • Repeatable results
  • Approved by recognised market leaders in homeopathic products
  • Careful selection of suppliers of materials and services
  • Thorough quality control
  • Continuous investment in product improvement and introduction of
    new models

Although originally only a manufacturer of homeopathic machinery, LABOTICS has greatly extended its activities in the last five years. The Company now offers a comprehensive spectrum of products and services for the homeopathic sector.
DYNAMAT, IMPREGMAT and K-TRONIC are the original LABOTICS-designed products for the automated manufacture of homeopathic medicines, and still form the core activities of the Company. All our machines are delivered with CE certificate and a 12 month lasting guarantee.  
DYNAMAT : A range of Dynamizators, built in accordance with the latest GMP and safety guidelines.
  Various models of IMPREGMAT : impregnation equipment, giving fast and repeatable impregnation of neutral sugar pellets and tablets.
K-TRONIC: The most advanced machine for the production of "single-glass" method dilutions. K-TRONIC machines are in use in ten different countries for the production of high k-potencies (100,000 K and higher)  
HOMEOPLAN and PROTOTYPING; consultancy and engineering

PROTOTYPING : Design and construction of prototypes and custom-built equipment.

Turn-key projects for complete homeopathic laboratories.


Class/00 Laminar Flow Units and
CleanRoom Equipment


Reverse Osmosis equipment for pharmaceutical water preparation.

GRANUSORB« : production and distribution of neutral substrates for homeopathic dilutions
  • Neutral Granules (° 4mm, 50mg, saccharose & saccharose/lactose)
  • Neutral Globules (° 2mm, 5mg, saccharose & saccharose/lactose)
  • Neutral Tablets (° 5.5mm, 80mg lactose)
  • Neutral Gelatin Capsules (OO incl. 800mg of Neutral Globules)
  • Sterilisation and passivation aids
  • Pipettes and dispensers for dosing liquids
  • Precision balances

Technical assistance and maintenance (either under contract or otherwise) both for LABOTICS products and for other brands


LABOTICS offers a number of training packages (custom-designed courses)

  • Homeopathic galenics
  • GMP procedures and conditions
  • Homeopathic pharmacopoeia and quality control (5/2000)
  • Legal regulations in homeopathics (Belgian and European)

LABOTICS bvba, Heidestraat 254, B-2070 Burcht (BELGIUM)
Tel: +32 (0) 3 288 11 33 and +32 (0) 476 30 00 36
Fax: +32 (0) 3 253 09 85
Revised: 21 augustus 2008.